Interior design gives substance to an idea, to a vision.

The designer ensures that all architectural and decorative elements are forming a cohesive framework.

In our practice, we seek to capture the essence of your organization and transform an abstract notion into a vibrant professional office design project.

We create thoughtful and intelligent office design projects. We take into account the particular context of a project, so that every aspect, every element of the project is authentic.

The aim is to enhance your company through dynamics between the verticality and horizontality of the space.

In short, by improving the interior architecture of existing and new buildings further.

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In addition to the aesthetic aspect, a corporate office layout planning takes into account the following:

  • space optimization
  • ability to promote well-being of employees in the workplace

This has a positive impact on staff retention, mood and reduced absenteeism.

Happy employees are productive.

We offer you unique solutions in office interior design that help facilitate your business operations and improve its competitiveness in the marketplace.

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Professional office interior design

We notice that in office design there is a tendency to want to standardize the workspace, while it is essential to express one’s identity, one’s own history.

We are listening and trying to understand you, in order to faithfully recreate your DNA into space.  We mix genres and tones, in order to develop a strategic design that will suit you closely.

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In addition, colours, shapes and volumes produce their own rhythm and make a space vibrate with simplicity.

We also reveal the sound qualities of your space, thanks to an adapted acoustic and unveil its depth by means of efficiently positioning the appropriate lighting according to the desired effect.

Open space office interior layout planning

The open space office design is in line with the new principles of collaborative work and the personal development of employees and the value of their work.

This open system provides beneficial natural light in abundance. The advantage is undeniable, in terms of well-being and visual comfort.

This mode of operation facilitates potential changes in a company due to rapid growth and meets the demand for greater connectivity and knowledge transfer within the company.

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Other significant benefits of open-plan office design include substantial savings in occupancy costs.

Restructuring in an “open” mode rather than a standard office layout is essential for companies that are concerned about their relevance.


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