Our bar interiors are designed to increase visibility and provide a singular customer experience any time of the day.

Indeed, since bars are places of entertainment, their atmosphere should be fun, even when they are not crowded. The occupant must be able to feel that he is in such a place that he will not find any others like this elsewhere.

To create this unique and sought-after experience, we like to break down the usual codes in our interior design, in terms of lines, volumes and aesthetics.

The strategy we recommend is to integrate several areas of interest within the same area. The diversity, both formal and decorative, generates rhythm.

Movement in space challenges the senses; the perception of the place changes, giving a definite impression of continuous discovery in the same environment.

Keeping the occupants of your bar on their toes.

To pleasantly surprise is not only fun, it is also one of the keys to the success of your establishment.

However, if in restaurants, the overall experience takes precedence over the menu, the stakes are all the more critical in the case of a bar.

While a talented bartender and impeccable service are important, a unique atmosphere will certainly set your establishment apart from the bar next door.

An exceptional space will leave a positive memory in the minds of both regulars and prospects.

Our design intervention in your establishment leads to the creation of a dynamic, original and astonishing space and ensures that the place is gradually discovered, starting outside your door.

This will certainly waken the curiosity of passers-by, potential future customers.

Our designers are creating bars that offer a new experience and promote the popularity of the establishments.

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Bar design, innovative interior layout possibilities

Using interior design is a must when you want to create an exciting experience.

We help you discover the expectations of your target customers and exceed them through shapes, thanks to an unusual interior.

To ensure that the customer experience in your establishment is exceptional, the analysis of client’s needs and habits will determine the program:

  • intimacy, conviviality
  • interaction of modules in space
  • strategic lighting
  • connectivity, ergonomics
  • architectural elements and coherent decorative themes
  • circulation axes

In a recent project, we have integrated a geometrical structure to centralize attention around the bar counter. Successfully concealing the existing high ceilings, this sculptural wooden object brings the whole space down to a more human scale, reinforcing the notion of a show and contributing to the notoriety of our client.

The choice of materials, textures and colours and strategic aesthetic elements corroborate the concept, for more coherence.

Our approach, exploring the notion
of the individual and the collective

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