Bars and restaurants, retail stores, service and care companies and workplace interior design

First a social construction, the space in which people come to organize themselves is fundamentally a place of communication. If people can exert an influence upon a place by their actions, the latter also exerts an influence.

Bar Interior Design

The particular nature of a bar being oriented towards entertainment, a bar design offers some offbeat possibilities.

One project, among others, of rather small dimensions, focused on the notion of confinement, through an enclosing structure that prevents people from having an outside view. The space becomes the Event and generates its own energy.

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Restaurant interior design

In a place that appeals to the five senses, the restaurant layout can offer an exuberant and structured narrative because a restaurant must not only seduce and serve as a showcase for food, but should also maximize staff efficiency and simplify work.

Everything from traffic to lighting to furniture must create a pleasant and functional atmosphere simultaneously.

The choice of construction materials, surfaces, materials and textures will enhance the dishes served.

Sight and touch at the service of taste.

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Retail store interior design

Opposite areas of activities, such as the interior design of a shop or a grocery store, have similar needs in terms of products presentation and the environment in which these are being offered.

Colour plays an important role. Similarly, surfaces and natural light enhance the merchandise.

 We provide innovative, tailor-made solutions for integrated furniture.

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Service and care companies interior design

The alteration of an element in a public or a private place has repercussions. Wall coverings and materials of various porosities can toy with the notions of silence and intimacy.

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Corporate offices interior design

In our practice, we seek to capture the essence of your organization and transform an abstract notion into a vibrant professional office design project.

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We reveal the hidden side of spaces with subtlety. We create an experience for the businesses customers to promote purchase decisions.

Plan with a designer

A commercial interior has become today a communication channel.

Similarly, a brand has been transformed into a social network. That’s why we design commercial interiors for our clients that are conducive to sharing experiences and perceptions. This is what our customers can expect, for example, for a retail store layout.

Symmetry or asymmetry of lines, shapes and architectural and decorative elements can facilitate this ‘connection’ in all interior design projects, whether for shops, restaurants, grocery stores and pharmacies.

People that come in these stores are struck by the novelty and understand that they are being given a message. A relationship is then established.

We create for our customers more than just a shop, more than the interior design of a pharmacy or a retail store.

We create for them an original brand.

Creating a design with aesthetic characteristics that leave a lasting impression is also intended to optimize the investment and increase our client’s revenues.


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