At Jean de Lessard – Designers Créatifs, we are one of the world’s pioneers in the developing the creativity of individuals and the collectives.

Developed in 2012, our unique approach entitled “Duality of the individual and the collective” focuses on the various ways in which space is used. In addition, we want to design places with totally immersive atmospheres that become strong identity brands.

Several projects carried out in the retail and office space sectors required an in-depth analysis of needs and complete design services, from concept pre-analysis to technical drawings and site supervision.

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Our vision of interior design

Spaces and [public] places are great human gatherings – Annie Ernaux


This quote (loosely translated) alone summarizes Jean de Lessard’s vision and posture as an interior designer. It exemplifies the intuitive creation approach that is the foundation of our design practice.

For several years, we have been developing in our design projects the notion of a place as a platform for sharing unique perceptions and sensory information and experiences, and their underlying emotions.

These environments have enormous creative potential and meet the needs of our customers, we believe, in terms of responses to changes in a as much in the individual than the collective mentality.

We seek to exploit, through form, volume, atmosphere, technology and profitability, the changing lifestyles and priorities of a new generation of individuals whom are redefining the notion of work.

This emerging thinking is affecting not only the daily life, consumer choices, but also the pursuit of performance.

The balance between personal and professional life, the need to make a difference at work, to be considered and the prevailing sense of community are important markers for us that open up new areas of exploration.

Our mission is to have our clients benefit from our services by providing singular environments with a readable and distinctive brand image to position them advantageously in the markets, against the competition.

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Why call our spaces “thoughtful”?

This is because we do not consider design as a series of trivial gestures. While our approach remains intuitive, our design is the result of a reflection that conveys intention and meaning.

The places we create also invite subtly the occupants to reconsider their own certainties and appropriate the space in a different way.

Why focus on the “dynamic” space?

Our singular principles of deconstruction aim to break down the usual codes. They are derived from observations of how people naturally evolve in a given environment.

This is what allows us to create exceptional spaces, some more flexible and user-friendly, others more functional and pragmatic, but always vibrant.


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