How creative agency professionals can imprint their own brand in their community and among their clients?

How can a professional from a communication, marketing or public relations agency be the change first when today’s world is already saturated with images and information?

Your office space must be readable not only to the diversity of the individuals it groups but also to the various audiences it serves.

The design of your work environment is the opportunity for you to explore a new approach and to memorably express your values and organizational culture.

We favour a clear-cut approach in our professional office design and in the layout of these spaces.

Our goal is to produce meaningful places with which occupants can identify and appropriate for themselves.  We succeed in transforming our clients’ offices into powerful identity workplaces that make their mark.

We imagine environments that make your
creatives happy and their mind alert

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A unique interior design for a remarkable office

The design of a space for professionals that combines ergonomics, atmosphere, singularity and performance ensures a high level of performance, productivity and creativity.

We believe that offices in which your staff members spend their days need to be inspiring, both formally and aesthetically. The interior design of a notary’s office also deserves to be attractive and will benefit from a personalized concept.

In addition to the search for comfort, which is a highly motivational factor for employees, other aspects are used to develop and cultivate our customers’ image:

  • layout and personalization of different activity areas
  • creation of flexible workstations
  • creation of comfortable seating
  • always dynamic circulation plan
  • original architectural elements
  • preponderance of colours, plays of materials and textures
  • modulation of natural light

It is possible to forge an identity that is different in the interior design of a law firm. Opting for the modern card rather than the classical, a given space can present unusually clear and refined lines and tones for this type of place, the surprise element becoming the selling element to the clientele.

A place being for us lively, it appears essential to rigorously organize the space layout; to plan a succession of fullness and emptiness of which the space is formed, so that the interior layout of a notary’s office can also express fluidity.

A brilliant design for your office: an incomparable advantage for your employees

Enhanced communication was the guiding principle for the design of a public relations agency’s office.

The oversized space was developed around the notion of a productive and creative community, transforming the place into a micro-village imbued with a playful character.

Created especially for their young and lively population, our design provides a pleasant and interesting work environment that makes communicating and working in small groups, child’s play.


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