Our layouts are brand enhancing and make your business profitable

An attractive design and an inviting storefront promote turnout, the retention of existing customers and the emergence of a new clientele.

Your target customers know and recognize the importance of commercial space design. They appreciate the positive impact of the latter on their quality of life.

Identity-based stores remain relevant for a long time. A hotel or a shop that invests in a distinctive interior design stands out more.

Interior design can enhance customer experience, through unique concepts

Shapes, colors and textures appeal to the senses. 

Among our projects:

  • A fishmonger has become a journey of the senses, in a tale full of shades and shapes;
  • A ready-to-wear fashion studio evokes the garment cuts through the angularity of shapes;
  • A retail pharmacy has positioned the human factor at the centre of the pharmacist’s professional act, thanks to our bold space organisation.

Our creative designers are redefining
the ways of communication
between individuals and the collectives

Develop a commercial project

Maximize your investment with commercial space design

A design made by design specialists has many advantages. Montreal study reports :

  • a significant increase in turnover
  • an increase in traffic
  • a more satisfying customer experience
  • a clientele who stay and return much more often

Talking about your retail or grocery store in flattering terms sets you apart from the competition and arouses the curiosity of prospects who want to try a new experience.

 Interior design is a factor of rental improvement and adds an increase in value

Nowadays, exorbitant rental costs are forcing business owners to review their brand image to increase the profitability of their store’s surface area.

An effective and often more affordable solution than we think, such as a more organic design or a more efficient lighting, helps to enhance the brand or create it from scratch.

Interior layout creates moods

It has the power to stimulate or soothe. In the case of the very first showroom in Montreal of a major European scooter manufacturer, our elaborated concept has highlighted the brand’s trendy and nomadic character with greater dynamism.

In fact, the preferred architectural modular framework explores the notion of mobility in a fun “vintage” spirit.


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