Restaurant & Bar Design Project

The interior design of the restaurant project Kinoya Izakaya is a vivid representation of the concept of confinement and intimacy between individuals. As our clients wanted an unbridled atmosphere in their renewed Kinoya, we used fractal geometry and the broken line to create in the 800 sq. ft. dining room a chaotic and collective festive spirit.

The closed-in and unpolished place is like the traditional Japanese pub. The ubiquitous wood, hemlock and white spruce species, has an excellent resonance and noise absorption capabilities. The decor is at its simplest expression: a few painted drawings, some banners and the soft lighting that makes you want to celebrate until dawn.

The project earned two international interior design awards, in London, in 2015 and in New York, in 2014, and two interior design awards in Montreal in 2014, including one for wood enhancement. The place is always full, with people happily rubbing shoulders.


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