Studio Conceptual Design Project

For her women’s ready-to-wear studio, our client was considering a space that promotes careful examination of her creations. We have focused our design on the notion of a gradual personal discovery of a space that is more an exhibition place than a store with a merchant function. The immaculate shop showcases unique clothing like works of art.

The fairly narrow wooden geometry measures 350 sq. ft. inside. Its labyrinthine form is cleverly used: each angle has a potential of surprise on the visitor, forming a kind of niche where the garment is presented in a theatrical way. Recessed lighting at strategic places also contributes to the staging of the course.

The partition walls covered with mirrors have a confusing effect. They play a key role because they reveal a garment from every angle, simultaneously. Rounded partitions also help to change the perception of the place. The popularity of the project shows that the design of a commercial interior can be spectacular and create a stir.


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