Coffee shop design project

A winning project of three interior design awards, in Montreal and in London, in 2018 and in Toronto, in 2017, The Standard redefines the codes of a high-end place. Our clients wanted a “4th wave” cafe for their Westmount establishment. It should be known that the term “3rd wave” means exceptional quality. Our interior design refers to a 1900’s style cafe.

A small space of 600 sq. ft. bathed in natural light, The Standard unfolds between balanced proportions and aligned wall and ceiling profiles. Positioning of the custom furniture, including the aerial Viennese pastry showcase, emphasizes the concern for horizontality and verticality.

The herringbone motif of the hickory floor and of the fabric of the armchairs is used alongside an imitation of pony hair for a greater chic effect. In this black ebony shell, the bright light enhances the brass finish and the massive white quartz worktop that we have shifted to smoothly add rhythm and refinement to a space with a classical spirit.


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