Designed according to the work of our client PixMob, a world-renowned event LED technology specialist, our interior design of an open space office has transformed the former textile factory of 10,000 sq. ft. in Montreal’s Chabanel district into a sound and light performance platform for designers, technicians and programmers.

The space that has preserved the shell and traces of wear and tear enhances by its raw and primary form the latest digital technology and creativity, the company’s DNA. The black polyhedral monoliths house various functions, including the experimental room for digital lighting programs.

The premises with its high ceilings, two mezzanines and the off the wall staging in shades of yellow and black, represent the effervescence of a creative studio, the unobtrusive movement of people and, a key point, the propagation of sound waves and the network connectivity. The more intimate artificial lighting (the ambient natural light is adequate) evokes the festive spirit of the place.


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