Retail design project

Having developed a distinct branding strategy for our client Kumpan, a European leader of the electric scooters, we created for their first showroom in North America, an urban interior layout that remains classic. The Montreal-based 600 sq. ft. store focuses on flexibility and explores the modularity and portability of the nomadic object. The concept adapts to any space.

This interior design project of a commercial interior blends the elegance of one our client’s old 1950s line with today’s electrical technology. The main constraint, that is accessible toilets in compliance for people with reduced mobility, has become a key architectural element: the rounded shell has been embellished with a layer of polished brass and stained wood.

Imbued with realism, the decoration and the materials peculiar to the fifties are evoked eloquently. The geometric print in mythical colours, such as a pink and black duo, brown and mustard, and the elliptical and rounded furniture, provide a fitting backdrop.


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