Bar Design Project

A project recognized at a prestigious international design award in London in 2018, the Bar Ganadara successfully meets the client’s contradictory initial needs: to create a warm and comfortable environment, in a place with aesthetics specific to the Korean rap. So we aimed for the simplicity of wood and a refined but raw minimalistic representation for the interior design of the bar. The bare premises (3,000 sq. ft.) show the coarse texture of concrete and steel.

In a noisy night setting, the bar counter remains the focal point it is the show off element in our interior layout and the unifying centre of interest amplified by the circular shape and the lighting. Its positioning in space creates a variety of perspectives.

The space is also structured by the decorative elements: functioning as ramparts, thick curtains, bamboo and frosted glass keep the interest of customers inside the place. The aerial structure above the bar counter reinforces one’s feeling of being enclosed in a warm and sophisticated cocoon.


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