Restaurant Design Project

As the aging clientele is decreasing in number, the need to attract a new one has led the owner of a family restaurant to use our interior design services. We proposed him a reformulation of the delicatessen that preserves its character, while simplifying its form.

The strategy of this restaurant interior design project consisted of opening the space, including part of the ceiling, and rearranging the seating plan to add tables, for more flexibility. Opened in Montreal in the 1990s, the Délithèque was limited in its capacity to expand by a rigid bench system.

The creation of new dining areas, including the integration of a second slender bench on the other side of the central corridor, brings a beautiful symmetry.

The laminate benches, the grey-blue tone that reproduces the colour of the original mullions, the pale yellow and the aged brass finish illuminate the scene. The decorative aspect, particularly the ubiquitous slate, gives a second breath to this place of a hundred seats, which is now always busy.


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