Coffee shop design project

We were given carte blanche by the owners of Aloha Espresso Bar, both are passionate about Hawaii, for the interior design of their cafe located in the Old Montreal. We wanted a credible space for their typical Hawaiian products. The design aspect was made inconspicuous so that the idea of the 900 sq. ft. space restored by some “do-it-yourselfers” would hold up and tell their story in a simple fashion.

The architectural elements, including wooden beams and a worn concrete floor, were left as is. The plant/mineral relationship suggests the tectonic and magmatic movement. The saturated colours, such as cactus green, recall a lush nature and bright yellow, as a reminder of the vintage shirt with hibiscus print which is the national flower of Hawaii.

A unifying element and in an intentionally rough-cut design, the counter is a stylistic representation of a hand making the aloha sign, the overhanging pergola brings to mind the flora in the archipelago and the petroglyphs carved in stone and found all over. This successful interior design of an identity cafe is popular with Montrealers and tourists alike.


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