Our approach to space is intuitive and is based upon distinctive principles of deconstruction. Breaking usual codes to free the space and the occupant from conventional concepts.

Laureate of numerous prizes around the world in New York, Munich, Chicago, London and Montréal, and one of the world’s forerunners of the development of the creativity of individuals and groups in the corporate sector, we also design thought-out and dynamic spaces in health, hotels, restaurants and retail fields.


For more than 25 years, we are seeing design as a form exploration of daily life. Indeed, space is for us life. In lasts years, our observations lead us to develop the innovative “Duality of the individual and the community”. Our approach consists of experimenting in a pragmatic fashion connectivity, relationship and the various ways of occupying spaces by means of mastered chaos.

That is the essential condition for the success of ever most cutting edge spaces for our clients.